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Vaastu Shastra

Directions & their characteristics for home planning

solar intensity

Aspects of different rooms of residential building

Room Recommended aspect Influencing factor
Bed NW-W-SW To receive plentiful of breeze in summer.
Kitchen E- and rarely NE To receive morning sun which is germicidal. It purifies the air. It should be well illuminated and cool in afternoon.
Dining SE-S-SW Proximity of kitchen. It should be cool.
Drawing SE-S-SW-W Adequate natural light during winter and obviate the sun during summer.
Reading N-NW Light from north being diffuse and cool.
Store NW-N-NE Dark and cool.

orientation of building

Orientation of different home components according to VAASTU

design pattern

Design loading pattern of a house according to VAASTU

Location of rooms as per VAASTU

Direction Room
East Entrance (Drawing)
South East Kitchen
South Bed
South West Master Bed
West Dining
North West Bed
Rooms of day time activity
(office, study, guest, drawing, store)
North East Pooja
South West Garage
South West
North West
Stair case
Load South and West with cash boxes almyrahs, wardrobes cupboards attics and other heavy store as over head tank.
Unload North and East by removing soils as in ‘Well drilling ‘.
Always ASCEND South and West and DESCEND along North and East


Relative levels in different directions according to VAASTU

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